On April 13, 2006 longtime HFD Chief Gerald Roe retired after 30
years of service.  On April 15, 2006 we had a ribeye steak supper in
his honor.  Below are photos from that evening.  Chief Roe will be
sorely missed.  Under his leadership the department reached new
heights.  Thanks for all you have done for us Gerald.  Enjoy your
First Responder Co-President Butch Gibbs presents Chief Roe with a personalized, laser engraved mirror.
Asst. Chief Mike Schroeder presents Chief Roe with various gifts.
Lt. Carlos Paugh presents Chief Roe with his axe plaque.
Retired Chief Gerald Roe, 30 year member of the HFD.
A few of the ribeye steaks we had to eat that night.
Retired Chief Roe and his family.
Back Row (L to R):  Tracey Vandell, Kyle Wetterling, Steve Auxier, Butch Gibbs, Jeff McCloney, Erick Gunzenhauser, Jake Hysell, Jeff
Stiles, Andy Graham, Robbie Hull, Mike Schroeder
Front Row (L to R):  Alec Horton, Monty Franklin, Rich Auxier, Dan Sponsler, Mark Watsabaugh, Roger Horton, Retired Chief Gerald
Roe, Carlos Paugh, Jesse Woollis, Greg Watsabaugh