On April 13, 2013 an open house was held at the Humeston Fire Station to honor 3 long
time members who have a combined 109 years of service to the Humeston Fire Department
and surrounding communities.

Tracey Vandell joined the department in 1974.  He has held the office of Treasurer in past

Captain Steve Auxier joined the department in 1978.

Lieutenant Carlos Paugh joined the department in 1978.  He has also held the office of
Secretary in past years.

All three members remain active on the department.
(L to R) Carlos Paugh, Tracey Vandell, Steve Auxier
Former Fire Chief Gerald Roe presents axe plaque to Tracey Vandell
Assistant Chief Mike Schroeder  presents axe plaque to Carlos Paugh
Fire Chief Greg Watsabaugh  presents axe plaque to Steve Auxier
(L to R) Steve Auxier, Carlos Paugh, Tracey Vandell
These men could not have served the department all these years without the
support of their families.

(L to R) Cheryl Paugh, Carlos Paugh, Barb Vandell, Tracey Vandell, Steve
Auxier, Bev Auxier