ACTIVE DECEASED MEMBERS (please click here to view pictures)
Isaiah George Mason: Fire Department, XX-XX-XXXX to 9-22-1910
Frank Hobbs: Fire Department, XX-XX-1912 to 2-5-1916
Marion E. Byrum: Fire Department, XX-XX-XXXX to 4-24-1918
Max Casey: Fire Department, 12-29-1967 to 5-29-1986
Joe Moore: Fire Department, 11-26-1962 to 8-21-1990; EMS, 8-8-1986 to 8-21-1990
Keith Wishmeyer: Fire Department, 2-25-1986 to 4-13-2002; EMS, 8-8-1986 to 4-13-2002
Gerald Roe:  Fire Department, 6-30-1976 to 1-13-2018

This website is also in memory of all other retired firefighters and first responders who are no longer with us.
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